About Bow Tie Tours

Carol & Madison Visit, summer 2010 278


Bow Tie Tours is a Philadelphia Walking Tour dedicated to entertaining and informing. There are more thrilling historical sights in Philadelphia than in any other place in America, and the story of America’s birth is both fascinating and dramatic. Come with us as we discuss Benjamin Franklin, “The First American”; The writing and signing of the Declaration of Independence; The creation of the Constitution; and The Administrations of George Washington and John Adams.

We at Bow Tie Tours have a passion and love of history. We grew tired of taking family members along tours that were conducted by actors and not teachers. At the same time, we understand that you are visiting Philadelphia to have fun. We are proud to be a part of that!
This is both America’s story and Philadelphia’s story. Our guides have received a Certificate of Learning, which means that they have passed a written and oral exam and demonstrated their passion for and love of history.

Too often, students leave school thinking of history as nothing but a lot of tired facts and regurgitated war battles. By focusing on the outrageous personalities of the people who gave birth to our country, we offer thrilling glimpse at our earliest days.

We agree with Nathaniel Hawthorne, who said that “history is biography.” We want to introduce you to some of the most interesting people we know – George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin,John Adams, Abigail Adams, Gouverneur Morris, Betsy Ross, James Wilson, Oney Judge, Alexander Hamilton. Walk along the same steps these men and women walked down.

We give regular tours, private tours, and school tours. At this time we have three different tours – the Independence Tour, the Slavery Tour, and, as a romantic excursion for you and your special someone, the LOVE tour. We give group tours not only for schools and private organizations, but for senior citizens as well.

Contact us if you have an organization that would like a tour. If you have a non-profit organization or situation, please talk to us, as we want to give back to a city and a country that has provided us with so much.

Please join us for a walk through history that you and your family (or organization) will never forget!

To purchase a ticket, check us out at bowtietours.com.  We don’t have ducks, horses, or costumes, but promise you, instead, knowledge and passion.  Just look for the Bow Ties!  We look forward to meeting you!

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