August 13, 1776

george-washington-writing-at-his-desk-by-candlelightGeneral Washington writes to Charles Lee that his situation has deteriorated, what with smallpox and desertion.  He now fears that the superior British navy might blockade New York, thus isolating the city from communications with all the adjacent states.

In a communication to the Connecticut Assembly, Ethan Allen in Halifax, Nova Scotia, predicts that France and Spain will react to the Declaration of Independence by accelerating their military assistance and eventually entering into an alliance with Americans.

President of the South Carolinian General Assembly, John Rutledge, issues a call to the members of the Assembly to convene on September 17.  South Carolina has successfully resisted the attack of General Sir Henry Clinton and Admiral Peter Parker.  It is in a state of war.

In Tomassy, South Carolina, a large Patriot expedition encountered a lare Cherokee war party near Tomassy.  The Indians were defeated with many casualties, and their town burnt by the Patriots.

In New York, the Provincial Convention empowers George Washington to convewrt some 12 private residences into a general hospital.  Having decided that General Howe will attack in the very near future, Washington packs all his important papers and orders them to be forwarded to Philadelphia for safe keeping.

In London, England, the French Ambassador reports to Paris that “the government has not thought it necessary to take notice of [the Declaration of Independence] and indeed I do not see that this uprising causes any sensation here.”

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