July 28, 1776


Colonel Paul Sergeant and Israel Hutchinson with their Continental troops from Boston, as well as several British ships, arrive at Horn’s Hook, New York.

At Fort Ticonderoga, in New York, the Declaration of Independence is read by Colonel Arthur St. Clair and when he added “God save the free independent states of America,” the Army demonstrated their joy with cheers.  “It was remarkably pleasing to see the spirits of the soldiers so raised, after all their calamities, the language of every man’s countenance was.  Now we are people, we have a name among the States of the world.”

Joseph Ward writes to John Adams from Boston:  “I have the pleasure to inform you that the Continental armed Schooners Hancock and Franklin sent into Marblehead this day a Transport from Hallifax bound to New York with provisions and dry goods. There are many Tories on board, among whom is the noted Benjamin Davis.  Last Sunday a Transport from Ireland came into this Harbour, (not knowing the Pirates were gone) and was taken; She had seventeen hundred Barrels of Beef and Pork and four hundred Casks of Butter for the use of the Enemy.  Some days since our Hearts were made glad with the glorious Declaration of the Independent States of America! Blessed be their memory and immortal Fame attend those who had the Wisdom and Virtue and Magnanimity to Do This! We have undoubtedly many and great things yet to do, but in my humble opinion, the greatest is done; the Foundation is now laid.”

Nathaniel Greene writes to George Washington from Long Island:  “Col Hands reports that the Enemy continues as they were. they fird several Guns last Night different from any custom that has prevaild amongst them since the Arrival of the fleet, A considerable noise and movement of the Boats was heard, after the Signal Guns; and the hurry and confusion they seemd to be in after the firing discoverd they were Alarm’d, Perhaps they have heard of the fire Ships.  Capt. Talbut of Colo. Hitchcocks Regiment, begs the command of one of these Vessels. he is a daring Spirit and I dont doubt will execute the command agreeable to your Excellencys wishes. As I am totally Ignorant of the matter, I could give him no encouragement until your Excellencys pleasure was known.”

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