June 30, 1776


Now heading the newly created Board of War, John Adams asserts how military stores are of the utmost importance.  “I cannot think the country safe, which has not within itself every material necessary for war and the art of making use of those materials.  I shall not rest eady, then, until we shall have made discoveries of Saltpeter, Sulfur, Flints, Lead, Cannon, Mortars, Ball, Shells, Muskets and Powder in sufficient plenty, so that we may always be sure to having enough of each.”

Maryland’s Royal Governor Robert Eden joins Governor Dunmore in self-imposed exile from the mainland.

Thomas Jefferson responds to the news that he has been reappointed to the Congress with a polite refusal to continue.  “I this day received information that the Convention had been pleased to reappoint me to the office in which I have now the honor to be serving them and through you must beg leave to return them my sincere thanks for this mark of their continued confidence. I am sorry the situation of my domestic affairs renders it indispensably necessary that I should sollicit the substitution of some other person here in my room. The delicacy of the house will not require me to enter minutely into the private causes which render this necessary: I trust they will be satisfied I would not have urged it again were it not necessary. I shall with chearfulness continue in duty here till the expiration of our year by which time I hope it will be convenient for my successor to attend.”  Jefferson is almost certainly alluding to the health of his wife, which was evidently precarious at that time and would only grow worse.  Jefferson was also eager to return to Virginia in order to participate in the drawing-up of the state constitution, a matter which he may well have seen as far more important than anything going on in congress.

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