June 27, 1776


Congress resolves to organize rifle regiments in Virginia, New York, and Maryland.  In addition, the members vote for torm a battalion of Germans.

Off the coast of South Carolina, Commodore Peter Parker gives the signal to get underway towards Sullivan’s Island, but is again halted when the wind suddenly shifts to the opposite quarter.

General Washington writes to John Hancock about the situation in Canada:  “I this morning received by Express Letters from Genls Schuyler & Arnold, with a Copy of one from Genl Sullivan to the former and also of Others to Genl Sullivan, of all which I do myself the honor to transmit you Copies. they will give you a further account of the melancholy situation of our affairs in Canada, and shew that there is nothing left to save our Army there, but evacuating the Country. I am hopefull Genl Sullivan would retreat from the Isle au noix without waiting for previous orders for that purpose, as from Genls Schuyler and Arnolds Letters, It is much to be feared by remaining there any considerable time his retreat would be cut off or at best be a matter of extreme difficulty. I would observe to Congress that It is not in my power to send any Carpenters from hence, to build the Gondola’s & Gallies, Genl Arnold mentions, without taking them from a work equally necessary if not more so here of the same kind, and submit It to them whether It may not be advisable, as It is of great importance to us to have a number of these Vessels on the Lake, to prevent the Enemy passing, to withdraw the Carpenters for the present from the frigates building up the North River & detach them immediately with all that can be got at Philadelphia for that purpose & carrying on those here.”

Meanwhile, Joseph Hawley writes to General Washington to suggest that men currently stationed in Boston be sent to Canada, where (he believes) they can be of more use.  “For God’s Sake! If it is possible Let all Ward’s People be instantly orderd to Canada or to Some place where they are More Needed than they are here—Pray Sr Consider that they are Officerd Armed and equipd in all respects—Every thing is to do for the Militia—Our People will fight here pro Aris & focis—But very few of them (Believe Me) will be got to Canaday this year—I Pray your Excellency to Pardon My troublesome repetitions of this Matter to you—I am here and See the true state and posture of affairs.”

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