May 13, 1776


British Admiral Young relays intelligence to Admiral Gayton at Jamaica that American vessels plan to intercept homebound West India ships.

A Georgia raiding party sailed to Cockspur Island to capture a ship pilot.  The British discovered the raiders before they had a chance to complete their mission.  The HMS Raven and HMS Cherokee were involved.

Matthew Adgage of the King’s District Committee of Correspondence writes to George Washington regarding depositions of two unnamed informants who on this date gave the district committee rambling accounts of a supposed Loyalist conspiracy involving many New York Patriots who would betray the American cause when British troops arrived. They were said to include a majority of the provincial congress and Philip Schuyler, who according to one of the informants “was a true man for the King” secretly holding a British commission. When the Loyalists arose, he would command the area from Ticonderoga to West Point and cut off American communications with Canada.  Schuyler furiously denied these allegations.

Wrote Adgage:  “By the Inclosed you will discover the Glimmering of such a Plot as has seldom appeared in the world, since the fall of Adam by the Grand deceiver & Supplanter of Truth.  The Surprizing progress & lengthy strides that the Spirit makes according to the discoveries we have been able to make which is very lately, we take the Earliest Opportunity to Advertise you of and pray that you wou’d immediately consider Its importance, and as you find so Act, the Bearer we recommend to your Examination in the premisses, but must beseech that the utmost Secrecy and dispatch be used to carry something into Execution for the fullest discovery & overthrow of this most dark and dreadfull Overthrow of this once happy Land. To some members of this Committee these things are made known but they Injoined the Oath of Secreting Names which must suffice in that Office—But the Information pray examine and make what you can of It & add what you can to It, for Beleive It the plan is as deep as Hell, many Other Circumstances and things perfectly Agree with these Informations & we depend on It, that the Tories have a set time, when we cant find, to rise against the Country—Tis very near this Information we depend on to be true.  Sr you will excuse our troubling you on this subject when the all of this Country is so near Ruin.”

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