May 5, 1776


General Sir Henry Clinton issues a proclamation denouncing the “wicked rebellion” and recommending that the inhabitants return to their duty to the King.  He offers full pardon to all persons, except General Robert Howe and Cornelius Harnett.

Meanwhile, four captured British soldiers wrote to George Washington requesting mercy.  Specifically, they request that he revisit their “unhappy situation. . . . at present we are confin’d in a criminals Goal, which smells intollerably, no manner of Bed to lay on, or even allowd so much as a Blanket to cover us. . . . we understand this treatment is occasion’d by a Mr Stanhope, having forfeited his parole.”  Henry Stanhope was a navy ieutenant who wrote to Washington on Christmas soliciting his exchange and seeking permission to go to Providence, but who broke his parole at Northampton, Massachusetts, and attempted to escape.  He and his companion were captured, although he will successfully escape in Novemebr and rejoin the Royal Navy.

General Washington writes to the President of Congress, John Hancock:  “As the magazine from whence the Northern and Eastern Armies will occasionally receive supplies of powder, will probably be here, and our Stock is low and inconsiderable being much reduced by the Sixty Barrels sent to Canada, I shall be glad to have a quantity immediately forwarded—Our Stores shou’d be great, for If the Enemy make an Attack upon the Town or attempt to goe up the North River, the expenditure will be very considerable—Money too is much wanted, the Regiments that are paid have only received to the first of April, except those of Pensylvania & Jersey which are gone to Canada; they are paid to the last of April. By a Letter from Genl Ward I find his Chest is just exhaustd; the money which was left with him for the payment of the Five Regiments at Boston & Beverley being almost expended by large drafts in favor of the Commissary & Quarter Master, and in fitting out the Armed Vessells.”

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