April 18, 1776


The Irish transport ship Isabella arrives at Cape Fear, New York, and is greeted by American militiamen.

Congress sends General Washington the following approbation regarding his army’s outlasting the enemy in Boston:  “The Honorable the Continental Congress have been pleased to direct the Thanks of the United Colonies to be presented to the Officers, and Soldiers of their Army; who with unremitted Courage, and Perseverance, surmounted every Effort of the enemy, and every Obstacle of that severe Climate, in persisting for eleven Months, in the Blockade, and Seige of Boston, and finally forcing their Enemies to make a shameful and precipitate Retreat, from that once devoted town.”

Meanwhile, John Adams takes the time to write to two of his children.  To his daughter, Nabbie, he writes as follows:  “My dear Daughter,  I cannot recollect the tenderness and dutiful affection you expressed for me, just before my departure, without the most sensible emotion, approbation, and gratitude. It was a proof of an amiable disposition, and a tender feeling heart.  But my dear child, be of good cheer; although I am absent from you for a time, it is in the way of my duty; and I hope to return, some time or other, and enjoy a greater share of satisfaction in you and the rest of my family, for having been absent from it for so long a time.  I learned in a letter from your mamma, that you was learning the accidence. This will do you no hurt, my dear, though you must not tell many people of it, for it is scarcely reputable for young ladies to understand Latin and Greek—French, my dear, French is the language, next to English—this I hope your mamma will teach you. I long to come home, but I believe it will be a great while first. I don’t know when, perhaps not before next Christmas. My love to your mamma and your brothers, and the whole family.  I am your affectionate father…” To his son, John Quincy Adams, he writes : “My dear Son, I thank you for your agreable Letter of the Twenty fourth of March.  I rejoice with you that our Friends are once more in Possession of the Town of Boston, and am glad to hear that so little damage is done to our House.  I hope you and your Sister and Brothers will take proper Notice of these great Events, and remember under whose wise and kind Providence they are all conducted. Not a Sparrow falls, nor a Hair is lost, but by the Direction of infinite Wisdom. Much less are Cities conquered and evacuated. I hope that you will all remember, how many Losses, Dangers, and Inconveniences, have been borne by your Parents, and the Inhabitants of Boston in general for the Sake of preserving Freedom for you, and yours—and I hope you will all follow the virtuous Example if, in any future Time, your Countrys Liberties should be in Danger, and suffer every human Evil, rather than Give them up.—My Love to your Mamma, your Sister and Brothers, and all the Family.  I am your affectionate Father…”

John Quincy Adams will eventually travel with his father to France, and be appointed to high office by President Washington.  He shall become President of the United States, making up the first father-son presidential team, only to be followed by George Herbert Walker Bush and George W. Bush.

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