March 28, 1776

UnknownIn Philadelphia, the congress appoints Jeremiah Dugan to command 300 rangers in Canada.

South Carolina declares independence from Great Britain.

George Washington writes to Joseph Reed, informing him that the last of the British have left Boston and telling him that he and his men will be soon to follow. (Original spellings retained.)  “General Howe has a grand Manouvre in view—or—has made an inglorious retreat. Yesterday Evening the remains of the British Fleet left Nantasket Road & (except an Arm’d Vessel or two) hath left the Coast quite clear of an Enemy—Six more Regiments will instantly March for New York—two days hence another, and a day or two after that our whole force, except about 3 or four Regiments to erect such Works as shall be adjudged necessary for the Security of this place—In three or four days from this date, I shall follow myself—In otherwords, the moment I can put things upon such a footing as the exigency of Affairs may require, I shall depart.”

Meanwhile Brigadier General William Thompson writes from New York, expressing his congratulations as well as his concerns about Howe’s next move.  “I should e’er now have sent you a return of the troops stationed at this place, with an account of the stores &c. but had the pleasure to hear of your having obliged General Howe with his Garrison to evacuate Boston & that you were immediately to march for this place yourself.  The many works laid out for the defence of New York will require more large Cannon, than are here at present, and as it is probable from the number the Enemy left behind them at Boston, that a few can be spared from thence, you will judge of the propriety of sending them and give your orders accordingly: I believe about thirty are wanted & the larger the better.  I am with the good assistance of Lord Stirling carrying on the sundry works with as much Expedition as possible, and hope you will be pleased with the forwardness you will find them in, when you arrive in Town.”

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