March 12, 1776


In Savannnah Georgia, the British set up a blockade at the mouth of the Savannah River in order to capture American ships.  The merchantman U.S.S. Georgia Packet was carrying food and drink supplies and was quickly captured.

The New Hampshire General Court contacts George Washington to ask for a return of gun powder, something of which Washington is of  very small supply:  “Our Assembly have very readily determind upon the most effectual Measures in our power, for the Defence of the Sea Coast, & in particular piscataqua Harbour—but We must beg Leave to remind your Excellency of a Matter of the utmost Consequence to Us, Our Magazine of powder being very low not exceeding twelve Barrels, We are under the Necessity of asking The Return of the Supply of powder made by this Colony last summer for the Continental Service, and that you woud please to order Us the like Quantity, or what can possibly be spared for our Use; the supplys we have sent for to the West Indies, &c., and been some time expecting, are not yet arriv’d.

In Cambridge, the departure of the British is expected soon.

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