March 3, 1776


The Rebels have pulled it off!  All night they brought their cannons and arms up to the top of Dorchester Heights.  The American Forces, led by John Thomas now occupy the Heights with 2,000 men.  General William Howe, waking up to see that the Americans have this position, realizes that he is in a bad situation.  They had already been planning to leave the area, but now Howe feels that it is necessary to score some kind of triumph before doing so, so that it does not appear that he has suffered an unmitigated defeat.

In England, King George concurs with Parliament that mercenaries fighting for Britain be dressed in British uniforms and not those of their country.

In Nassau, Bahamas, Esek Hopkins raid is the first only planned operation of the Continental navy.  They capture New Providence (Nassau) which yields vast quantities of valuable military stores The Fleet included U.S.S. Alfred, U.S.S. Columbu, and two brigs, U.S.S. Andrew Doria and  U.S.S. Cabot and the sloop U.S.S. Providence, U.S.S. Hornet, U.S.S. Wasp and U.S.S Fly.

In Georgia, Hutchinson’s Island, American troops led by Colonel Lachlan McIntosh with 596 men, 2 killed in action and 3 wounded in action, British commanded by Captain Andrew Barkley with approximately 400 men had 6 killed in action.  The mission was to retake some of the captured British merchant ships.  British ship involved were schooner HMS Hinchenbrook, Transports HMS Whitby and HMS East Florida Symmetry.  Four ships were burned, 12 sailed but were recaptured by the British.

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