February 22, 1776


Many members of Congress question New York’s failure to mobilize troops.   The body resolves to request the province to explain what efforts had been made to raise the four battalions for their own defense.  New York has the reputation of having many loyalists.

George Washington writes to General Charles Lee – “Dear Sir – I fully expected by the Two last Posts to have received your favours, with an account of the measures you have been & are pursuing for the defence of New York, & of such Occurrences as you might have thought worthy of Notice; As I did not, nor got several other Letters which I expected, I cannot but suppose, they have been Intercepted at some of the Offices, or by some Accident prevented coming to my hands—I need not mention my Impatience to hear from you, and beg that you will write me by every Opportunity.”  This will become a running theme between the two, as General Lee often chooses to run his command as if it were independent, and to inform Washington of his actions when and if this becomes convenient, or simply can no longer be put off.

Meanwhile, Washington is informed that John English, who was a member of Captain Waterman’s company in Colonel Benedict Arnold’s regiment, had been found guilty in a Court Martial for abandoning his company in order to join another, that of  Colonel Varnum, evidently in order to receive double pay.  It is ordered that he receive ten lashes, which General Washington approves.

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