February 15, 1776


In Halifax, Novs Scotia, Governor Legge reports to London that traitorous elements in Cumberland had contacted General George Washington to express their sympathy for the rebel cause and to invite him to invade the province.

Meanwhile, Lund Washington, who is taking care of Mount Vernon in General Washington’s absence,  writes to General Washington with various monetary concerns:   “your Letter of January 25th is come to hand—If I neglected to answer your Letter of the 26th Novmbr relative to my Wages, it was not intentionaly, I shoud be sorry that you shoud believe that I wou’d exact more of you now, than when you live’d at Home—had you not offer’d to pay me equal to what I had in any former year, I should not have murmerd, but chearfully endeavour’d to have executed your Orders with regard to Hedgeing, Meadowing &c., If my mind had been set upon Riches I very probably shoud have been trying every year that I have live’d with you to get more of you, you will do me the justice to say that I have made no such attempt, God, forbid I shoud at this time do it, when you have it scarcely in your power to refuse me. I never expect to be Rich, my only Wish, or ambition has been to save so much out of my wages dureing the time I have serve’d you and others, as woud be sufficient to purchase a small Farm in some part of the Country where the produce of it wou’d enable me to live, and give a Neighbour Beef, & Toddy, but that I now despair of ever accomplishg on this side the Allegana mountains for my employment is such that I cannot do you justice, and run about the Country to look where such a purchase may be made—but no more, my affairs are to myself & why shoud I pester you with them. you may be assure’d, my whole time and thoughts shall be devoted to your service, and as to any extraordinary care or trouble, I am at, I think nothing of it, for it is a maxim with me, that he who recieves the wages of another, hath no time which he, in right can call his own.  Mr Bailey demands 10 pr C. for Collectg your Rents I think it too much, told him you did not expect he wou’d offer to Ask more than 5 pr C., he said in these troublesome times, 10 was too little, desired I woud inform you what he said & seem to hint that few were better qualify’d for doing it than himself—If I thought Mt Vernon wou’d stand where it does, when I returnd I wou’d take a Ride to them my self—perhaps if they had money I cou’d get some from them, it woud not take me more than a Week to go the rounds…”

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