February 14, 1776


In Salem, North Carolina, the Moravians note that in Cross Creek the Governor’s party was very strong, and the King’s Standard had been raised.

In Richmond, Virginia, Minutemen are being divided into companies and are preparing to march to Guilford and beyond amongst alarm and confusion.

Charles Lee writes to George Washington:  “You must pardon me Dr General, for a liberty I have taken—You know that Sears was to collect our Volunteers in Connecticut—but He thought He coud not succeed unless He had some nominal Office and rank—I accordingly most impudently by the virtue of the power deputed by You to me (which power you never deputed) appointed him Adjudant General with rank of Lt Colonel for the expedition it can have no bad consequences, the Man was much tickled, and it added spurs to his feet—He is a creature of much spirit and public virtue and ought to have his back clapp’d—with respect to the Canada expedition which You indirectly propose to me,5 I have only one answer to make—wherever I can be of most service, there I shou’d chuse to be—I have indeed just at this instant one objection which is I am not without apprehensions that facing the Cold may throw me into a relapse so as not only to render me unfit for service there but evry where else—I am indeed much better, but extremely tender I begin to walk—it has been a damn’d attack—a constant violent fever attending it, I neither eat nor slept for eight days—but my fever is pass’d and I begin to eat—a week I hope will set me up—sevral Members of the Congress have indicated a desire I shou’d go to Canada, I have explain’d to em my apprehensions, but assur’d ’em most honestly of my willingness—but in fact unless They expedite an Army and some heavy Artillery it will be in vain to trouble their heads about a General—Colonel Richmore who lately left Montreal tell’s us that what few Troops are now there will infallibly return home early in April—He is gone to the Congress and I hope will give em (as He is capable) the necessary lights6—but whatever steps They take be assurd, Dr General, that I am with the greatest readiness prepar’d to receive and execute yours and their commands; Canada is I confess, if I am only tolerably accoutre’d a glorious Field which Must flatter the ambition of, Yours Most sincerely…”

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