February 12, 1776

In North Carolina, Patriots and Tories continue to mobilize their forces.  The Committee of Safety orders the militia to assemble in the districts north of Cross Creek.


Meanwhile John Hancock, President of the Continental Congress, wrote to Washington about their efforts in supporting Charles Lee in his efforts to protect New York City.  “I yesterday morng Rec’d an Express from General Lee, requesting an Augmentation of Troops, Congress immediately directed one Battalion of Minute Men from New Jersey in Addition to Lord Stirling’s Battalion, & one Battalion of Associators from this City to proceed to New York & be under the Command of General Lee, the latter Commanded by Coll Dickinson who very chearfully step’d forth, & both Battalions will immediately March.  Colonell Bull the Bearer of this Takes Charge of Two hundred & fifty Thousand Dollars for the use of your Army; I beg leave to Recommend him to your Notice.”

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