February 6, 1776


Congress alerts the southern colonies that Lieutenant General Sir Henry Clinton is headed in their direction.

New Jersey Royal Governor William Franklin, the son of Benjamin Franklin, is arrested.  William was Franklin’s illegitimate son who was brought up by his wife, Deborah.  William is said to have been present when Benjamin conducted his kite flying experiments, and became his most trusted advisor.  His choice to remain in England irrevocably destroyed their relationship.

General Headquarters sends out the following General Orders:  “The Colonel, or Officer commanding each Regiment, is to examine minutely into the quantity, and condition of their ammunition, and make report of the Average Number of Rounds, they are possessed of, to their respective Brigadiers, without delay, and immediately thereupon the Brigadiers are to lay this their report before the General.  The Armourers are required to be very exact & diligent, at their business; if they are known to do work for any others, than those of the army, they will be brought to the severest punishment, or if they presume to charge a Soldier for any repair done to his Arms, they will also be called to as strict an account.An exact report to be made of all the Cartridges in the different Magazines—Those now employed in making Cartridges are to be constant and diligent at their work.  The Arms which have been delivered out of the public Stores, are not to be put in the hands of the Commissioned Officers: The Colonels of the several Regiments are to be answerable that this Order is duly attended to.”

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