January 31, 1776


In the absence of credentials from the Massachusetts Assembly, Congress decides to accept the current delegates from that body on the basis of newspaper accounts of their appointments.

Meanwhile, George Washington sends a letter to Joseph Reed.  “I hope my Countrymen (of Virginia) will rise superior to any losses the whole Navy of Great Britain can bring on them, & that the destruction of Norfolk, & threatned devastation of other places, will have no other effect than to unite the whole Country in one indissoluble Band against a Nation which seems to be lost to every sense of Virtue, and those feelings which distinguish a Civilized People from the most barbarous Savages. A few more of such flaming Arguments as were exhibited at Falmouth and Norfolk, added to the sound Doctrine, and unanswerable reasoning containd (in the pamphlet) Common Sense, will not leave numbers at a loss to decide upon the Propriety of a Seperation.”

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