January 18, 1776


In Savannah, Georgia, the Governor Sir James Wright is arrested and confined to his house.  Wright had been among the most popular of the governors, but had sought to enforce all British decrees.

Meanwhile George Washington, in a letter to Philip Schuyler, continues to bemoan his lack of men and arms.  It would give me the greatest Happiness, if I could be the happy Means of relieving our Fellow Citizens now in Canada and preventing the Ministerial Troops from exulting long and availing themselves of the Advantages arising from this Repulse—But it is not in my power—Since the Dissolution of the old Army, the progress in raising Recruits for the new has been so very slow & inconsiderable that five thousand Militia have been called in to the Defence of our Lines—A great part of these are gone Home, the Time they engaged for being expired, and the rest retained with the utmost Difficulty and persuasion, tho’ their going away would render the holding them precarious and hazardous in Case of an Attack—In short I have not a Man to spare.”

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