January 11, 1776


The county committee in Tyron County sends an urgent appeal to General Philip Schuyler for men and arms to repress an impending attack by the Loyalists.

Meanwhile, George Washington writes to John Hancock that “the evening of the 8th instant a party of our men under the Command of Major Knoulton were orderd to go and burn Some houses, which Lay at the foot of Bunkers hill, & at the head of Charles town, they were allso orderd to bring of the Guard which we expected Consisted of an Officer & 30 men—they Crost the Milldam about half after eight ô clock, & gallantly executed their business, haveing burnt eight houses, & brought with them, a Serjeant and four privates of the 10th Regiment, there was but one man more there who makeing Some resistance, they were obliged to dispatch—the gun that Killd him, was the only one that was discharged by our men, tho Severall hundreds were fired by the enemy from within their works, but in So Confused a manner that not one of our people was hurt.”

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