January 10, 1776


North Carolina Governor Josiah Martin, from the warship HMS Scorpion, issues a proclamation calling on the King’s loyal subjects to raise an armed force to combat the rebels, raise the royal standard, and restore the province to “its former glorious freedom.”

Meanwhile, George Washington petitions the Massachusetts Council with some desperation as to his need for more soldiers:  “In the confused & distordered state of this Army, occasioned by such Capital changes as have taken place of late, I have found it almost impossible to come at exact returns of the strength of our Lines—Not till last night was I able to get in the whole, Since the dissolution of the old Army; by these I find myself weaker than I had any Idea of, and under the necessity of requesting an exertion of your Influence & Interest to prevail upon the Militia of this Government, now in the pay of the Continent, to continue till the last of the month & longer if requisite—I am Assured that those of New Hampshire will not stay any longer than they ingaged for, notwithstanding our weak state and the Slow progress we make in recruiting, which by the last weeks report, amounts to but little more than half of our usual Compliment, owing it is said to the number of men going or expectg to goe into the Provincial Service at or near their own Homes.

I am more & more convinced that we shall never raise the Army to the New Establishment by voluntary Inlistments, It is therefore necessary that this & the Neighbouring Governmentsshould consider in time & adopt some other expedient for effecting it.”

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