January 6, 1776


The Council of Safety in North Carolina advised its counterpart in Georgia that British warships leaving the Charleston harbor were likely headed for Savannah.

Meanwhile, Americans abandoning Norfolk to the British burn it it down to the best of their abilities.

Washington wrote to Nicholas Cooke regarding the agreement the Newport Council had made with British Commander James Wallace to supply them with beef, beer, and other provisions in return for their sparing the town.  “When this Treaty first Obtained, perhaps it was right, then there might have been some hopes of an accomodation taking place; But now, when every prospect of it, seems to be cut off by his Majesties late Speech; when the Throne from which we had supplicated redress, breaths forth vengeance & indignation, & a firm determination, to remain unalterable in its purposes, & to prosecute the system & plan of ruin formed by the Ministry against us, should not an end be put to it, & every possible method be fallen upon, to prevent their getting necessaries of any kind? we need not expect to conquer our Enemies by good offices, and I know not what pernicious consequences may result from a precedent of this sort; other places circumstanced as Newport is, may follow the example, and by that means their whole fleet and Army will be furnished with what, It highly concerns us to keep them from; this however, with all deference, I leave to your consideration.”  Play time, Washington was saying, is over – this is war!


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