Happy New Year!


It has been a tremendous year for Bow Tie Tours, and as we leave 2016 and enter into a new year, I am excited about the numerous new activities that we will be offering. New battlefield tours (Brandywine, Washington’s Crossing, Monmouth) are now being offered with immaculate attention to historical accuracy. I can now tell you that we offer the best battlefield tours in the area. We will be making special inroads into education, reaching out to schools as well as at-home educators with our exciting new programs that include walking tours as well as schoolroom visits from Dr. Benjamin Rush.

img_1844Take one of our “Small Group Travel Experiences.” We will be offering two day trips to Gettysburg, and a week-long adventure following the life of George Washington from Philadelphia, to Mount Vernon, to Williamsburg, and stopping off at numerous important stops on the way. You are going to want to check into our upcoming podcast, which you will find on chasingamericanhistory.com beginning February 1. Check in with us if you want to take part in my ten-part lecture series on George Washington. You won’t want to miss the articles about the Revolution that are going to be offered on phillybowtietours.com.  And, bring your group of adult or teenagers on our Rocky Tour, which takes you to the key spots of the saga and employs Rocky as well as Joseph Campbell to teach you to become the hero of your own life.


For Bow Tie Tours, 2017 is going to be a bigger and better year! Check us out on bowtietours.com (which will is going to be a bigger and better website within the next couple weeks) and let us know if you want us to come out to your school or civic organization or if you want to join one of our travel experiences.

Happy New Year!


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