November 4, 1775

As we at Bow Tie Tours prepare our upcoming piece on our visit to Fort Necessity, and what went on there to define Washington, I will give a little lead-in.  During his travels, Washington had this to write about a particularly uncomfortable night –

“We set out early with Intent to Run round the sd. Land but being taken in a Rain & it Increasing very fast obliged us to return. It clearing about one oClock & our time being too Precious to Loose we a second time ventured out & Worked hard till Night & then returnd to Penningtons we got our Suppers & was Lighted in to a Room & I not being so good a Woodsman as the rest of my Company striped my self very orderly & went in to the Bed as they call’d it when to my Surprize I found it to be nothing but a Little Straw—Matted together without Sheets or any thing else but only one Thread Bear blanket with double its Weight of Vermin such as Lice Fleas &c. I was glad to get up (as soon as the Light was carried from us) & put on my Cloths & Lay as my Companions. Had we not have been very tired, I am sure we should not have slep’d much that night. I made a Promise not to Sleep so from that time forward chusing rather to sleep in the open Air before a fire as will Appear hereafter.”

In order to truly follow Washington’s footsteps, I slept in the bed of a West Virginia hotel that provided me with a similar experience.crap-hotelBut on to November 4th, 1775.  It was on this date that the Continental Congress agreed to underwrite the cost of raising three battalions for the defense of South Carolina and one for the colony of Georgia.   The body also recommended that South Carolina create a new form of government, if necessary.  Always risky to give South Carolina power but, as we can see, desperate times call for desperate measures.








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