October 4, 1775


At Bow Tie Tours we are cheerfully busy attempting to time travel away from all things Trump/Clinton/etc. into a place where things were, no doubt, much more difficult, but also much less trivial.

In any event, with thanks and acknowledgement to Frank Resavy and the Friends of Valley Forge – check out our Valley Forge Tour, by the way! – we find that on October 4th, the Massachusetts House of Representatives ordered the overseers of Harvard College “to inquire into the principles of its staff and to dismiss those who by their past or present conduct appear unfriendly to the liberties and privileges of the Colonies.”

Modern day Americans are leery of such litmus tests, and with good reason.  What easier way is it to get rid of a business competitor than to call him a Communist or a Queer or, in this case, a Loyalist?  And what made up a Loyalist?  At this point in time, many believed that Benjamin Franklin was one, since he was in England and seemed intent to bring about a reconciliation between the countries.

However, Sam Adams and others wanted to clear out the hated Tories in order to go forward.  For many, this was a difficult decision.  After all, they were brought up as loyal British subjects, and to many people the idea of opposing their own country was immoral and unjust.

Those who criticize Colin Kaepernick would do well to remember that our nation began with the people’s criticism of what was, at the time, their own country.




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