Signer’s Walk



Philadelphia offers a wide variety of historical sights and museums.  While many museums throughout the country compete to see who can come up with the newest bells and whistles – which I’m not knocking; I love the new Education Center at Mount Vernon that offers snow to fall on you during a movie – sometimes it is the old school things that hit home.  I recently visited the Battlefield at Monmouth, and was impressed with their battlefield replica that included lights to show you were the armies were at a given moment.  Old school?  Maybe, but you tell me a more effective way of describing a battle.



At Bow Tie Tours we visit a number of fascinating sights, both in the city of Philadelphia and at Valley Forge.  But one of the sights that is always a favorite is what is called Signer’s Walk, a virtually ignored treasure that follows along Chestnut Street, right up to Independence Hall.




When I say that Signer’s Walk is ignored, I mean two things.  First of all, Philadelphians do not know about it, and have been walking past it without noticing it for decades.  I tell you this from experience, having given tours to hundreds of Philadelphians and hearing the same thing from virtually all of them.  It is also ignored, unfortunately, by the City.  This is a remembrance of those fifty-six individuals who risked their lives by signing the Declaration of Independence.  And yet, it is not kept up at all.  Many of the faces are missing, and in two instances the entire engraving has been “lifted.”  Every day I am left to explaining to tourists how it came to be that some of the Signers have disappeared, and why it is that they are not being replaced.  Or at least polished.

It seems that if the City has enough money to create another museum about the Revolution, then they should also spend a far smaller amount on keeping up those priceless artifacts we do have.

During the next couple months I shall be taking you down Philadelphia’s own Walk of Fame, as we see and hear about each of the Signers, some of whome you are familiar with, and many of whom you are not.

Of course, if you are interested in learning more about them, join us at Bow Tie Tours for a tour that includes Signer’s Walk, as well as many other amazing Philadelphia sights.







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