Coming on April 8 – SEX AND THE (FIRST) CITY!




On April 8th we will begin the new nighttime tour, SEX AND THE (FIRST) CITY.

Ready for a different kind of historical walking tour?  Join us as we explore the intimate lives of the men and women who founded our country.  Hear about George Washington’s first, and only, great romantic love – for the wife of his best friend.   Benjamin Franklin’s rules on how to choose a mistress.  The sexual exploits of Gouverneur Morris.  Thomas Jefferson’s infatuation with the beautiful, but married, Maria Cosway in Paris and the reasons why he needed up in the arms of his sister in law – who happened to also be his slave.  Learn about how Alexander Hamilton paid the husband of Maria Reynolds so that he could continue his relationship with his wife, and how the Continental army was saved from destruction in the winter of 1776 by SEX!

Learning about the romantic lives of the Founders is a way to better understand them and our history.

It wasn’t all about honor!  Hear the true stories about the Founders that you were never taught in school!








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