See Alexander Hamilton!


We at Bow Tie Tours are all about giving you history at a reasonable rate.  So while you may have heard about the musical sweeping broadway and changing the way history is taught –
“Alexander Hamilton” – you may not have the cashola to check it out right now.  (Tickets go from upwards of $700.)  For those of you cursing the bad luck of not being able to see this play at the moment, we are going to give you a few economical alternatives.

So let’s start with this highway rest station, the Alexander Hamilton.  Just outside of New York City, the Alexander has all the necessities of travel, including a Starbucks.  And although a medium cup of coffee here is $3.10, it’s still a lot less than going to see the musical.  You can do what I did – sip the coffee, purchased from the Alexander Hamilton rest stop, in your car as you listen to your CD of Hamilton.

After you have been here you can tell people, with a knowing gaze, that, yes, you went and saw Alexander Hamilton last night!




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