Philadelphia One Step at a Time


In this summer of time-travel, I have met all types of folks.  Some have purchased a ticket for our tour after deep research, others quickly and without thought.  As we get into the dog days of August, you may ask what it is we have to offer that you cannot get elsewhere.


Bow Tie Walking Tours was born out of a desire for a more effective and historically based Philadelphia experience.  “A thinking man’s walking tour,” one person tried to sum up for me.  This doesn’t exactly say what we’re going for, since the historical time-travel we promote is not about thinking.  We try to reach the heart and the senses, tell you something you might not have heard before.  For instance, have you stopped to think, after watching what Mr. Putin has done to the Russian Constitution, just how fortunate we are to have had George Washington at the helm when we did?  Thinking is all well and good, but it isn’t as powerful as wonder or gratitude.  But we never hide from the truth either.


And so, as we continue to share our city with you, we feel stronger after having gotten quite a few tours under our belts.  A walking tour is a different kind of thing, interactive in a real sense, slowed down.  Put your phone away, please, and take a look around at some wonderful places, meet some interesting ghosts, hear some stories, and let yourself in for some wonder and some gratitude…



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